novembre 2013 GAMERella Gamejam

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Alchemystery is an indy game developped for GAMERella. This event was a hackaton-style gathering of nerds like us, where people were expected to create video games based on the theme "Alchemy" within two days.

About this game

This game is about exploration, through numerous attempts and recipes.

You are an alchemist, and your goal is to find the recipe for the Philosopher's Stone. But this quest might take you much further than you thought...

  • Use your Cook book to help you craft items you've already discovered.
  • Buy materials from the Shop makes it easier to experiment.
  • Unlock achievements related to your experimentations.


  1. git clone
  2. npm install && bower install
  3. grunt server

Technical note

Part of the challenge (that we imposed to ourselves) was to use standard web technologies like Backbone, RequireJS, jQuery, bootstrap, etc. This means no fancy canvas and no physics engine... but we're compatible with phones, tablets and desktop browsers !


I guess we need this section so... feel free to fork the game and edit whatever you like. Just please let me try your game as well ;) Also, most of the images have been taken from Glitch, the game. Thanks a lot for sharing your assets guys!